Why hire a professional transportation brokerage company?


As you know, the slightest problem with moving goods can result in late deliveries, as well as lead to dissatisfied customers and increased costs. If you try to handle transportation logistics yourself and hire a less-than stellar delivery company, you might run into these types of issues. Instead of having peace of mind from offloading the transportation and logistics tasks, you would inherit the problems and need to find ways to remedy them and repair the relationships.

A professional brokerage company can solve these challenges. When you work with an expert firm, you benefit from their knowledge and experience and rest assured that your freight will be delivered reliably and cost-effectively.

Here are some of the benefits that a freight broker provides to enable smooth-running transportation operations:

  • In-depth market expertise and knowledge of changing industry rules and regulations
  • A network of carriers with a variety of services and prices, so you can find the right fit for your requirements, whether it’s international, intermodal, time-sensitive, specialized or other needs
  • Good prices and value through a wide network of carriers
  • Due diligence and background checks on carriers’ insurance coverage, operational authorities, safety records, reputation and out-of-service statistics

Of special note, a broker that also offers its own trucking company provides inside knowledge of pricing so it can negotiate better value. It also provides efficiencies, e.g., brokered loads that can be tendered on its own fleet equipment, ensuring greater operational control.

A professional transportation broker will extend your carrier and service options to meet your needs and negotiate value on your behalf. And most importantly, a trusted expert can ensure that deliveries arrive on time and in excellent condition, providing significant benefit to your business.