Employee Spotlight: Neil MacIsaac

Employee Spotlight

Get to Know Our VP of Operations

Vice President of Operations, Neil MacIsaac, recently celebrated his 20th year at Adcco Incorporated.  Neil has been in the transportation industry for his whole working life. “I am actually doing what I majored in college, Physical Distribution and Transportation Management.  When I first started college, I wanted to major in something that I could work outside so I elected Environmental Science.  I thought I’d like to be a Forest Ranger then I found out what they were paid, and I quickly changed my mind.  My mother had a friend whose son worked in transportation.  He enjoyed it and was making a decent living.  Back in the early 80s, Northeastern had one of the few programs that had a major for logistics, so I gave it a shot and never looked back.  I like the way every day is unique.  No two days are the same.  Keeps the job interesting and challenging.”

Neil has worked in many different areas of the trucking industry, LTL, international ocean and air freight, truckload and intermodal as well as experience working on the shipper’s side of the fence. “During my career I’ve tried to learn as much about the transportation industry as possible.” 

“I was interviewed by Jason Colacchio, current owner of Adcco Incorporated, and his Dad, Tony back in 2002.  I had known Jason and Tony prior through business dealings.  They knew of my work history, but I’ll never forget what they told me the most important attribute they were looking for in an employee, trust.  At the time I thought it was odd but now I understand completely what they meant.  As a manager, you want to have trust in an employee that they are always looking out for the best interest of the company.  Fortunately, Jason has done a great job of hiring employees with this trait.  At that interview, I told Jason and Tony that I hoped this would be my last job and here I am 20 years later!”

Neil has been married to his wife Sheila for 32 years and they have two daughters, Erin and Allison.  Erin just got married this past summer at a beautiful ceremony.  “I always say that Sheila and I have been blessed with two incredible daughters. They made parenting easy!  They both graduated from college and are well on their way to successful careers.  The most important job I have is being Dad to my girls.”

On his free time, Neil enjoys golf, listening to live music with Sheila, kayaking and biking.