What Makes Adcco Stand Out?


for providing outstanding customer service with on-time delivery and low-claims rates

In-Depth Knowledge

of the industry, the carriers, changing regulations


with knowledge of industry prices and the ability to negotiate good value for customers

Constant Communications

Constant communication with the shipper, consignee and carrier so everyone is informed of the status of the freight


of high-rated carriers that are under contract, insured, and meet stringent service requirements


with rigorous background checks on carriers

Diamond Broker Status

Meets all performance, credit, and bonding requirements of the Diamond Broker Program

Industry Recognition

as a “Gold Book Broker” from Compunet®


broker all types of loads, including international, intermodal and specialty

Years of Experience

With Adcco started in 1978, and the fleet division started in 1989



We consider ourselves part of your team – your outsourced transportation and logistics department – and treat your issues with the same care and consideration that we would treat our own. We work closely with you to determine the best transportation solutions for your company, meticulously analyze freight bill auditing and payment to help you gain efficiencies, and confidently negotiate with carriers to help you get the best value. LEARN MORE

No Conflict of Interest

Unlike most other transportation and logistics companies, we do not receive any commission from carriers – our only payment comes from our customers.

We believe this is an important business practice because it removes any potential conflict of interest and ensures that carriers are selected solely based on your company’s best interest.

Full Control & Ownership

At Adcco, the carrier contracts, tariffs and pricing agreements are in our customers’ names, so unlike common industry practices, customers are not bound to use specific companies or prevented from working with others.

Expertise & Experience

Our years of expertise and first-hand experience provides insight into the costs of operating fleets of trucks and moving freight.

We know how to prepare detailed bids to get you the best rates and value. We have strong, long-term relationships with all of the carriers.



As you know, the slightest problem with moving goods can result in late deliveries, as well as lead to dissatisfied customers and increased costs. If you try to handle transportation logistics yourself and hire a less-than stellar delivery company, you might run into these types of issues. Instead of having peace of mind from offloading the transportation and logistics tasks, you would inherit the problems and need to find ways to remedy them and repair the relationships. LEARN MORE

Recognition & Credibility

Spinning Wheels Express is recognized by Compunet® to be a “Gold Book Broker”, which is an elite status awarded to freight brokers recognizing high business ethics, excellent credit status, have had their authorities and bonds verified, and have demonstrated a continued ability to pay carriers in 30 days or less.

Spinning Wheels Express is also recognized as a “Diamond Broker” by Truckstop.Com.

Trusted & Insured

Spinning Wheels Express also carries Contingent Cargo Insurance in the unlikely event a carrier’s insurance fails to make payment due to a cargo insurance exclusion or carrier bankruptcy. Removed are the concerns surrounding carrier insurance issues.

Fully-Licensed Service

Spinning Wheels Express is a fully licensed trucking company with contract and common carrier operating authorities traveling regularly throughout the United States.

The backing of the brokerage division by a bona fide trucking company creates efficiencies that benefit the customer. Often brokered loads are tendered on our own fleet equipment, ensuring greater operational control.



Are you looking for a carrier that does what they promise, will answer the phone and is accessible 24/7? Then look no further than Spinning Wheels Express Fleet. We have an outstanding group of drivers that have been with us for years. We have extremely low turnover in an industry where the average is above 100, and are always investing in the most up to date equipment! LEARN MORE

On-Time Delivery

Customer satisfaction is of paramount importance. We pride our self in on time deliveries. If it needs to deliver at 7 am Monday, you can sleep restfully at night knowing it will be on time.

Less Handling

Less handling equals less chance for damages or shortages. We only handle the LTL freight once at our dock in Amesbury, MA.

Specialized Services

We offer the following services: Protect from freeze, hazardous materials certified, straps, blankets, and load bars, load to ride, high value shipments, spotted trailers, lift gate service, GPS tracking