Celebrating Danielle Lampros’ 25 Years at Adcco!

Happy Work Anniversary, Danielle

Brokerage Manager, Danielle Lampros, has been with Adcco Incorporated for her entire career of 25 years. In terms of employee longevity, she is only surpassed by one other employee, our owner, Jason Colacchio. When we sat down to talk with Danielle about her time at Adcco she said, “I have a great boss and work for a great company which is why this is my first and only job since getting out of school.”

In her 25 years, she has watched the company go from pencils and typewriters to computers, email, and the Internet. Danielle said, “The days of slow and noisy dot matrix printers are far behind us now and we have so many tools at our fingertips. Choosing the right carrier, tracking, and mapping is now just a click away. Technology has come so far and allows us the opportunity to serve our customers in 5-star way.”

Danielle is a very driven person, as the books on her nightstand suggest “You’re A Badass” & “Untamed”. She is competitive by nature & enjoys running Spartan Races, 5K’s, 10K’s, and her daily Spin class. This carries into her work life and drives her ambition of getting the most cost-effective and reliable carriers to move freight for her customers. She has a razor-sharp memory and says her “fantasy job” would be a detective. She uses these analytical skills with her carriers. Danielle researches each carrier to make sure they meet our standards. Her primary tasks are to track the carriers, troubleshoot any problems along the way, and find solutions if they encounter any problems. She was awarded the “Above the Call of Duty” award by one of our top customers. She is deeply committed to her customers and treats them as she would her own family. She is caring, accommodating, and understands their needs and it shows.

Danielle has been married to Dan Lampros for 11 years now and has one daughter, Ashley, and 4 cats, Dunkle, Romeo, Mandy & Tulla. When not working, she enjoys spending time in Florida visiting family. She also enjoys traveling internationally with her family and highly recommends Oktoberfest in Germany for fabulous food and beer.

The motto that drives her is this, “In life, we are given many paths, make a choice, pursue your dreams, you are worth it!”