Warehouse Success Updates

Company Updates

The consideration we observe for our customer’s needs is the motivating force behind what we create for our day-to-day operations. To anticipate the types of clients’ services needed, we stay creative to exhibit an “edge” in our field. In essence, we grow for our clients to grow. Adcco lives to stay true to our core offering to be the company unrivaled in our commitment to expanding our services based on client feedback and needs. Our agility is what our clients expect, and in the last year, with all the changes to the business landscapes, Adcco stepped into a new service realm. In addition to our full range of transportation logistics consulting services, we are excited to introduce our new, expansive warehouse space that caters to many businesses that need our help to grow. Our warehouse is the ultimate intersection of convenience and a large-sized, secured space for your expanding business.  

The Adcco Warehouse Distinction

Our warehouse has 30,000 square feet of storage space and it is conveniently located in Amesbury, near the intersection of Routes 95 and 495.  The space is heated and supports cross-docking capabilities for access and efficiency.

We also offer long and short-term inventory storage to customize the amount of space you will utilize and for what duration of time. The ease of trucking transportation between our space and businesses is an added feature for client convenience. Our pricing is determined by the pallet position or by the square foot needed, and we can work with how best to configure your requirements based on the goods to be stored.

Client Range 

The range of our client base in our new space is a testament to the capabilities of our warehouse to accommodate various businesses. We cover and cater to all types of companies that need additional storage to operate properly. From food services to manufacturing companies, commercial construction, and breweries, these businesses that are essential to our economy have requirements to run, and we fulfill that support however we can. 

We have even gone above and beyond holding a Public Warehouse License, and have obtained an FDA Liquor License to store beer for breweries. We also store cans for breweries and other food services so production stays smooth and materials are easily accessed.

State of the Art Facilities

Managing our facility to stay at a certain level is a facet of our offer and approach we take very seriously. Our program will offer clean and clear, well-sanitized space that allows optimal access to your stored goods. We would describe ourselves as fanatics about sanitation to minimize dust in our space. The standards of hyper-cleanliness and anti-clutter are felt when you step into the warehouse. Continuing with this approach to our business, we also recently renovated our offices to match the care and attention of our other facilities. We have created a clean, welcoming environment for our employees and clients for a better experience. 

Overall, the success of our warehouse and the welcoming, renovated offices are primarily due to the prosperity of our clients. We are grateful to increase our bandwidth for continued growth and look forward to scaling for and with you. Feel free to drop in to take a tour — you are always welcome.

Read more about how we can accommodate your storage needs here or contact our Vice President of Operations, Neil Macisaac, at ndm@adcco.com.

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