Our New Warehouse Space

Company Updates

Looking for short or long-term inventory storage, crossdocking or transloading?
We can help.

Last October, Adcco Incorporated (d/b/a Spinning Wheels Express) signed a 10-year lease for 
new warehouse space in Amesbury, MA. Our new 34,000 square-foot warehouse is twice as large
as our previous space in North Andover, and we want to help your business flourish!

Why us?

34,000 square feet of storage space.

Conveniently located near the junction of Routes 95 and 495.

Offering long and short-term inventory storage for your growing business.

Where are we located now?

Our Amesbury warehouse is located at 10 Industrial Way, conveniently stationed near the junction of Routes 95 and 495.

Ready to start working with our team?

Please call 800-889-4675.