Running for a Cause: Erin Rogers Featured in Telegram Article

Erin Rogers, Mark Rogers and their family after the Boston Marathon

Mark Rogers, Manager of Broker Operations at Spinning Wheels Express for over three years, is a proud dad after his daughter, Erin Rogers, completed the Boston Marathon for the second time on Monday. Erin ran the marathon as a member of the Samaritans of Boston team. The Samaritans are a non-profit organization that seeks to prevent suicide by providing 24-hour support for at-risk individuals, support for those who have lost someone by suicide, and educational initiatives. Suicide prevention is a cause that is close to Roger’s heart, having lost an aunt and a close friend to suicide. Adcco founder and former President, Anthony Colacchio, was also involved with the Samaritans organization during his life.

Erin, who is 28 years old, trained with her team for months leading up to the race, and even went to Florida to prepare for the big day.  She was a strong athlete in high school and has several family members who have also completed marathons. This year, it was raining when the race began, but by halfway through it, the weather was sunny and warm. Though Erin wasn’t able to hit the finish time that she was hoping to, running the marathon for such a great cause makes everything worth it.

Mark is looking forward to cheering her on at the Chicago Marathon in October where she will also be running with the Samaritans team, saying “She’s a really tough kid.”

Read the full story about Erin’s Boston Marathon experience in this article from the Worcester Telegram.

Mark Rogers with daughter Erin Rogers and sons after the Boston Marathon