5 Ways Truck Drivers Make the Holiday Season Possible

While most industries slow down during the holiday season, the trucking industry gets busier during this time of year. Everything you buy during the holiday season from presents, to food and decorations, is transported by truck drivers across the country.

The holiday season generates billions of dollars in revenue for the U.S. economy, and without trucking that would not be possible. Continue reading for six ways truck drivers make the holiday season possible.

They deliver your online purchases on time

With the online shopping industry booming, customers today rely on Amazon and other online retailers to buy gifts for their families. Since online orders are more popular than ever, truck drivers are needed to deliver gifts in good condition and on time. Throughout the season, truck drivers work hard to ensure that their shipments are taken care of and are delivered on time.

They transport everything you buy in stores

During December, the trucking industry continues 24/7.  Truckers are constantly picking up and delivering inventory that stores need to keep up with the demand of holiday shoppers. When you go to the mall, everything you see inside of a store was most likely driven and delivered by a truck driver. No matter what you are buying, the presents that you purchase for your family members were transported across the country by truck drivers.

They help stock your grocery store shelves

In addition to retail stores, the trucking industry is also responsible for transporting all of the food at grocery stores that you need for your holiday meals. Without truckers transporting turkey, potatoes or pumpkin pie ingredients to your grocery store shelves, you wouldn’t be able to have that delicious holiday meal.

They deliver the gas you use for holiday travel

The holiday season is the biggest time of year for travel. Whether you are traveling by car or taking a flight across the country, truckers transport and deliver the gas needed for travel. Without hauling gas to your local gas station, it would be very difficult for you to see your family members who live far away.

They help out drivers in need

Truck drivers are known for helping other drivers on the road in need, especially during the winter and holiday seasons. When there is bad holiday traffic or difficult driving conditions, they often put their work aside to help out strangers having car difficulties. Truck drivers have been to known help strangers in need by offering extra blankets, helping change tires or getting gas for stranded travelers.

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