5 Great Perks of Being an Over-the-Road Driver

Spinning Wheels
trucks driving across the country

Trucking is a career unlike any other, offering unique perks that other careers are unable to offer. CDL Class A, over-the-road, drivers are responsible for transporting shipments across the country which offers opportunities for travel, independence, and career growth, among many other benefits. Continue reading for 5 great perks of being an over-the-road driver.

Job security

The trucking industry is booming today, and companies are always looking for trustworthy drivers to carry their shipments. Trucking is one industry that can’t be outsourced and is used every day to transport the high volume of goods across the country. Because of this, trucking is extremely secure. Drivers are always able to have a job as long as they maintain their license.

Great Benefits

Over-the-road drivers can be gone for days a time which is why employers offer great pay, benefits, and reimbursements. Drivers for our freight and brokerage division, Spinning Wheels Express, are offered benefits that include health benefits and a 401k plan with employer contributions. Full-time drivers are also eligible for paid vacation and 8 paid holidays. Some of the reimbursements we offer are $10/ week for cell phone use, and $750 for two consecutive clean inspections.

Opportunity for Travel

One great perk of being an over-the-road driver is the chance to travel and see new places every day. Drivers are not confined to a cubicle or office, but they have the opportunity to see new faces and meet new people every day. Each day is different and the scenery is always changing. Spinning Wheels Express transports truckloads throughout the 48 contiguous states meaning our drivers have the chance to visit new cities and states all while they are working.

Freedom of the Road

The freedom of the open road is something that many drivers love. Drivers work with a team but also spend lots of time on their own, where they are their own boss. While on the road, drivers can listen to their own music or books, wear comfortable clothes, and take breaks when needed. Working as a driver is a great option for those that are not interested in a standard 9-5 job.

Opportunity for Growth

Today, there is a shortage of truck drivers so the opportunity for growth within the industry is much greater than it has been in previous years. The more experience you gain, the more opportunities you’ll have to grow your career and earn pay increases.

Spinning Wheels Express, is always looking for responsible drivers to join our team. If you think that being a CDL Class A driver is the career for you, learn more and apply to our driving positions today.