Why shippers want to work with Spinning Wheels Express

Spinning Wheels Express operates a fleet of 24 trucks, specializing in transporting volume less than truckload (LTL) and truckloads throughout 48 states.

We are wholly focused on providing high-quality, on-time delivery and exceptional service, which includes making appointments on your behalf, being available 24/7 and addressing any other needs that you may have.

Here are some of the benefits that we offer:

  • Low CSA 2011 scores. Impeccable safety records and compliance with all laws
  • .005 claims rate. Since we only handle your freight once, unlike many other carriers that load and unload freight multiple times, it enables us to safely deliver your freight in excellent condition
  • With a 98% on-time delivery record, we make it our business to deliver your shipments on time
  • Our fleet is well maintained. We have the latest, high-quality equipment and professional, dedicated drivers, who have worked with us for years, very low driver turnover.
  • We work diligently to find ways to move your freight as efficiently, seamlessly, and as cost effectively as possible
  • We are always available – Contact us anytime 24/7, and with GPS on every truck, we can keep you updated on the status of your freight

What Our Customers Are Saying:

“We’ve been working with Spinning Wheels Express for over 20 years and I can’t say enough good things about them. In fact, I recommend them to my customers, and if they would all use the company, my job would be so much easier. Spinning Wheels Express is extremely dependable, delivering shipments on time and in excellent condition. It’s also remarkable that we haven’t had one claim in our 20 years of working with them.

“Spinning Wheels Express truly understands our business, which is invaluable. They have our best interests in mind, and we’re very pleased with the pricing and value that we get. Spinning Wheels Express truly goes above and beyond for us in any way that we need. They provide the extra convenience – at no additional charge – of leaving a truck overnight so we can load it when we want. I can pick up the phone and everyone, including the company’s CEO, is available to speak with us anytime. I value and depend upon the great partnership between my company and Spinning Wheels Express and I’m sure they do as well.”

-Peter S., Director of Global Credit, Collections/Logistics, large fabric manufacturer

“Spinning Wheels Express is great to work with. We haven’t had any claims in 10 years. Their equipment is well-maintained and up to date, and their drivers are courteous and helpful. They have truly gone above and beyond for us. When our crew didn’t show up to unload the truck, their drivers did it for us. We appreciate all that they do for us.”

-Patti J., truck division, transportation & logistics company

“We have a fabulous relationship with Spinning Wheels Express. They take care of us like we take care of our own customers, and have helped us in so many ways. The president and every member of the staff at Spinning Wheels Express are very responsive, and demonstrate true character. They are a great partner for our business.”

-Chuck G., President, transportation & logistics company

“I view Spinning Wheels Express as a great partner. They are very flexible and go to the nth degree to satisfy us and our clients. They redesigned their equipment to accommodate our specialized needs, and they’ve always helped us out, even when we had last-minute, unscheduled loads to be delivered. I can’t remember ever having a claim or shipment delay in all the years that we’ve worked with them. I know I can always count on Spinning Wheels Express.”

-Mark H., President, freight shipping and trucking company

“I work for a company that is very demanding of our carriers. We ship to some of the most difficult deliveries in the country and almost every order needs to be handled with special care. I have been using Spinning Wheels/Adcco for over five years and have found them to be superior in their ability to perform. They are small enough to understand our needs and our customers’ demands and yet large enough to be able to provide any services that are required.
When I use Adcco/Spinning Wheels I have confidence in them and their ability to react to any situation and to any problem that may happen. They care about us and our customers and they have proven that to me over the last five years. I would recommend Adcco/Spinning Wheels to anyone who asks and I am sure, once used, they will have the same experience I have had. Great, caring service at a fair price !”

-Robert N., Distribution Center Manager, candy manufacturer

With Spinning Wheels Express Fleet, you can focus on your core business and rest assured that your freight will arrive on time and in excellent condition.