Why Whoever You Truck With NEEDS Protect-From-Freeze

In the transportation industry, consumers expect that the cargo they’re transporting will arrive in the same condition it was in when it shipped. Conditions in the trailer can vary based on how the outside temperature, how high cargo is piled, what type of container it’s in, etc. So when you’re transporting large amounts of cargo across the nation through unpredictable weather, how can you ensure that you will maintain the quality of all the commodities on board?

Protect-from-freeze is essential when transporting cargo that needs to maintain excellent quality and a stable temperature. It will take multiple steps to ensure the quality of the goods you’re handling during any weather conditions. It can:

  • Protect cargo from outside conditions
  • Maintain a warm temperature throughout the trailer
  • Prevent any freezing and/or contact with moisture
  • Retain quality
  • Monitor the outside temperature during transit
  • Track the temperature of the shipment throughout transit

What Needs to be Protected?
Cargo that is temperature-sensitive, including liquids such as chemicals, paints, glues, drinks, alcohol, as well as foods, batteries, need to maintain their temperature throughout transportation.

How Does it Work?
Protect-from-freeze utilizes specialized heated trailers, containers, compartments, container liners, and quilts to maintain a stable temperature for all types of cargo you’re carrying. It can protect goods that freeze at or below 32° F. All you need to do is select the “Freeze Protection” option when booking your shipment to ensure your temperature-sensitive cargo stays in perfect condition.