Under the Hood of Working at Spinning Wheels Express

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When John Settineri began working for Spinning Wheels Express in 2011 in a temp position, he wasn’t expecting to find a career that he was passionate about and a company that he was proud to work for. What was initially just his second job ended up turning into a full-time role with a team that he says is like “family.”

John Settineri had been working on and off in the trucking industry since 1987, but he always had bad luck in terms of how management treated the drivers. While working in different roles within the industry, he faced management that didn’t care for their employees’ safety or treated them disrespectfully.  After initially driving for Spinning Wheels Express as a temp, he applied for a driving position that was just two shifts a week. Since then, Settineri has began working as a full-time driver and hasn’t looked back.

He describes the work culture at Spinning Wheels Express as a family-like atmosphere and the relationship between the the drivers as a “brotherhood.” Everyone knows each other’s names, and the members of management want to see each driver succeed, compared to at larger companies where drivers may be viewed merely as numbers.

As a local driver, Settineri is responsible for driving shipments across the New England area, driving as far north as Bangor, Maine and as far south as Waterbury, Connecticut. Something that is unique about Spinning Wheels is that drivers are assigned to different locations each day, with no day at work ever being the same. The number of drop offs and pickups also vary so drivers never worry about competing with one another for the best routes.

To Settineri, this hard-working, team approach is just one of the many perks that this position offers. Some of the other perks include a flexible work schedule, tons of opportunities for overtime shifts, and equipment that is kept in excellent condition.

“I never have to drive and worry about things like when my brakes are going to get fixed. All of the trucks are kept in great condition,” he said.

Settineri is proud to represent Spinning Wheels wherever he goes, saying that the drivers are always willing to put in the work to help customers and go the extra mile to make sure every pickup and dropoff runs smoothly. Last year, Settineri placed third at the Massachusetts Truck Driving Championship, another achievement that makes him proud to work for Spinning Wheels.

“Because I love Spinning Wheels so much, it gave me a great sense of pride to put on the Spinning Wheels shirt and compete against big companies like Fedex and Pepsi,” he said.  

Settineri believes that the trucking industry today needs drivers that are success-driven, self-starters and who are willing to have more than just a 9-5 job, saying “Spinning Wheels is truly a good place for someone to drive, whether you are a seasoned driver or not. If you show that you’ve got initiative, they want to work with you.”

Interested in becoming a driver for Spinning Wheels Express? We are always looking for dedicated drivers to join our team. Visit our Join Our Team page to learn more and apply to our driving positions.