SMB Shipping Needs: Top 3 Benefits of Freight Solutions

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Even though your business is small, your customers still deserve the best when it comes to the delivery of your products and services. When your shipping needs become a little too large for you to comfortably handle on your own, it may be time to make the next step into a private shipping agreement with a freight shipper. These are the top benefits of using a freight shipping company like Adcco Inc. for your business.

  • Affordability

With larger shipping providers, how often you ship can affect the rate that you’ll pay per item. For SMBs that are consistently shipping a hundred or more products per month, you can negotiate a lower shipping cost to get your goods to your customers.

  • Simplicity

With a carrier service, you get tracking information, delivery times and confirmations, and insurance options in one place, rather than having to manage it from multiple sources. This simplified interface allows you to more easily track your shipments and payments.

  • Security

Freight claims can help give you peace of mind when using a larger shipping company for your goods. These claims offer financial reimbursement for lost or damaged goods upon delivery. You can also purchase carrier liability insurance if you feel you need more protection. 

The Adcco Difference

At Adcco, we work closely with you to determine the best transportation solutions for your company. By meticulously analyzing your freight bill auditing and payments, we can help you gain efficiencies and confidently negotiate to get the best value. 

Our Spinning Wheels Express Brokerage offers background checks on carriers’ insurance coverage, operational authorities, safety records, reputation, and out-of-service statistics to keep your freight secure. And, with our Spinning Wheels Express Fleet, you get accessible customer service 24/7 to answer all of your questions. 

If you’re considering moving forward with a freight carrier for your SMB shipping needs, contact our experts today to learn how to get started. Our transportation specialists are here to aid you in your shipping decisions. Let’s get moving together.