Like Campaign Donation to Have From Hunger

Adcco is excited to announce that our ‘like’ campaign was able to raise $250 for Haven From Hunger!

For each like we got on Facebook, $1 was donated to the local charity. We are very thankful and proud to have raised money for Haven From Hunger, truly such a great charity.

In July 2017, Haven From Hunger merged with Citizens Inn to create one organization to “help local families and individuals leave hunger and homelessness behind.” The merger allows for the prevention of homelessness and programs for social service while using Haven from Hunger’s facility and prevention programs for hunger.

Their main work, out of Peabody, MA, includes a food pantry and a community-meals program.

Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and canned goods are provided in the food pantry. They are able to feed 1,800 households with the food they produce. Last year, Haven From Hunger was able to distribute enough food to feed over 600,000 meals.

Haven From Hunger’s community-meals program provides supper for guests in a happy atmosphere four nights a week. They were able to serve over 9,000 suppers just last year.

We’re proud and overjoyed to have been able to contribute to such a great and important charity and we thank you all for your help. It wouldn’t have been possible without all of you.