Jason Colacchio, Adcco President, Featured in Boston University Article

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Jason Colacchio, Adcco President, is featured in an article from Boston University’s online newspaper BU Today.  The article titled, “Want to Run a Company? An Engineering Degree Is the New Key” covers BU graduates who are using their engineering degrees to run successful businesses. It features leaders across a variety of industries, including Colacchio who graduated from Boston University’s College of Engineering in 1990.

The following is an excerpt from the article:

Jason Colacchio (ENG’90) is president of Adcco, Inc., a company that uses data to provide actionable insights and optimized solutions to clients and their transportation fleets. As Colacchio explains it, his background as an electrical engineer is essential to how he leverages data on behalf of client companies.

“Engineers understand how to analyze data in order to support decision-making,” he says. “In today’s world of widespread data collection and use, all leaders need to be highly skilled at analyzing and leveraging data.”

Colacchio points out that most companies collect increasing amounts of data, but then have no idea how to translate the information into business insights and data-driven decision-making. “There’s a large need today,” he says, “not just in transportation, but in so many industries, to have big data conveyed intelligently and succinctly to decision-makers, and that’s something we engineers excel at.”

Read the full article here: http://www.bu.edu/today/2019/ceos-as-engineers/