Get Yourself – And America – Going In A Higher Gear

Spinning Wheels

How America gets its goods has changed. How those goods get to Americans, hasn’t. 

Trucking still moves 72% of all goods in America. Even before the pandemic, Americans were buying goods much differently than they did a decade ago. From the weekly groceries to major appliances, everything once normally purchased at a store is available online. But no matter what you bought or how or where you bought it, chances are a trucker carried it most of the way to you. 

… But the pandemic hit the global supply chain hard, and bare shelves and high prices focused long-overdue attention on the workforce challenges facing the trucking industry. According to the American Trucking Association, the U.S. is 80,000 truckers short of where it needs to be. Turnover in trucking routinely averages 90% and the average age of a trucker is 55 years old.

For those who see the opportunity during a time of crisis, there’s no better time to be in trucking. 2021 was the best year for trucking job growth since 1994 and truckers’ real wages grew this year, despite inflation. Recognizing trucking’s importance to America’s economy, bipartisan legislation at the Federal level is cutting red tape and creating new pathways into the profession. Just earlier this year the Department of Transportation began giving states the tools and funding – over $57 million – to expedite new commercial license issuances. 

For success-driven, self-starters searching for something more than a 9-5 job, opportunity abounds by the truckload at Spinning Wheels Express. We’re searching for new drivers willing to put in the work and go that extra mile for our customers. We’ll do the same by you – offering a flexible working schedule, great routes across most of the United States, opportunities for overtime shifts, and a fleet of trucks kept in excellent condition. 

At Spinning Wheels Express, drivers aren’t just warm bodies behind the wheel or numbers on routes. You’re part of a team that functions more like a family, where everyone knows your name and management is invested in each driver’s success. To eliminate competition for the best routes, Spinning Wheels assigns drivers different routes and varying drop-offs and pick-ups every day.

America needs new truckers. If you’re not cut out for sitting behind a desk or standing behind a counter, you could be an important missing link in the supply chain. Drive for Spinning Wheels Express – reach out to get yourself and America moving again.