Employee Spotlight: Jason Colacchio, President

Employee Spotlight
Jason Colacchio Headshot

Get to Know Our President

As the President of Adcco for the past nineteen years, Jason Colacchio knows a thing or two about running a business. Read to find out more about what led him to the role of President, the exceptional skills he brings to the table, and some secret talents you might not have known.  

Where It All Started

After graduating from Boston University, Jason Colacchio began his career as an electrical engineer at Raytheon Missile Systems. With five years as an engineer under his belt, Colacchio decided to bring his talent for mathematical analytics to the family business, Adcco.

His time at Adcco began in the role of Executive Vice President, where he worked under the leadership of his father and Adcco founder, Anthony Colacchio. In the year 2000, his father passed down the position of President to Jason, where he has since remained. Over the course of the last nineteen years, Jason’s leadership has helped to grow Adcco and the Spinning Wheels Express divisions exponentially. This coming June, he will be celebrating 25 years with the company.

Serving as President

As the leader of a family business, Jason understands the importance of his role. He believes that being a part of a family business requires accepting responsibility for managing the business for more than just his generation. On top of his exceptional analytical skills, the other expertise that Colacchio brings to the table each day includes his excellent listening, common sense, and his knack for database design.

“I love solving my customer’s transportation puzzles, and developing tools and reports to identify their opportunities,” said Colacchio.

Throughout his career as the President of Adcco, the thing that makes him the proudest is seeing the success and development of his employees. During this next year, Colacchio hopes to continue growing his education and communication skills, as well as growing the company intelligently.

Outside of the Office

Outside of work, Jason loves playing golf, exercising, watching movies and swimming. He also loves spending time with his family, which he says is the #1 thing he could not live without.

What’s something that you might be surprised to know about him? “I enjoy the benefits of meditating, and I’m better than most at interpreting others’ body language,” he said.