Danielle Lampros, Spinning Wheels Express Freight Broker, Receives ABCD Award

Danielle Lampros, ABCD Award Winner

Spinning Wheels Express is proud to announce that Freight Broker Danielle Lampros is the recipient of the distinguished ABCD Award from McCue Corporation. The ABCD Award, which stands for “Above & Beyond the Call of Duty,” was given to Lampros for exceeding client expectations and doing an exceptional job of managing McCue’s freight.

McCue Corporation, a client of Spinning Wheels Express, creates products that make commercial environments safer, cleaner and more appealing, including products such as guardrails and protective shopping cart corrals for parking lots. Every year McCue hosts a vendor appreciation ceremony and gives awards to their most remarkable vendors. Adcco has been the recipient of awards from McCue in past years, but this year it was Lampros who was acknowledged.

“This award makes me feel like I’m really doing my job well and that I’m making our customers satisfied. Them recognizing that was very important to me,” said Lampros when speaking about the experience of receiving the award.

On a regular basis, Lampros is the point of contact between clients and the Spinning Wheels Express contracted carriers, ensuring that their freight is safely picked up and delivered in a timely manner. She described her role saying, “Clients call or email me with loads that they have, and I find trucks to cover them. I schedule their appointments and make sure that the trucks pick up and deliver shipments on time.”

This isn’t the first award that the Adcco and Spinning Wheels Express team has received from McCue. In 2016, Adcco accepted the prestigious Vendor of the Year Award, and in 2017 Adcco was the recipient of the Professional Service Award.

As an employee of Spinning Wheels Express for 22 years, Lampros highlighted how receiving the ABCD award reflects not only her work but the values of Spinning Wheels Express overall. She emphasized how Spinning Wheels Express always keeps every client’s best interests in mind, going above and beyond to help them succeed.

Pictured in photo from left to right: Steve Mooney, Danielle Lampros, Neil MacIsaac