What Type of Freight Brokers Should Shippers Work With

Spinning Wheels

When choosing a business to work for you, there’s important steps to take to make sure this company will be the best suited for your needs. When shipping your goods and products, it’s very important to choose a freight broker who will perform to the best of their abilities. It’s critical to make sure your freight broker is communicative, timely and organized. Check out a few important things to look for when picking a freight broker.

Reputation & Certification

The first thing to look at when picking the right freight broker is finding out whether they are certified. According to the law in the United States, freight brokers must carry a license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). If you are not positive if a company is certified, you can check online at the FMCSA website. They also must carry a bond, which insures the company is operating to all trucking laws and protects them against fraud. Before going any further, make sure your freight broker has both of these certifications in order to know your working with a reputable company.


Finances are always important when working with any business. If the company your choosing isn’t financially stable and doesn’t pay their bills on time, it probably means they aren’t reliable. In order to check if the company you want to work pays their carriers and has good payment methods, you can run a credit check. If the credit check is positive, it means you’re good to go.

Professionalism with Price

Small actions sometimes make the biggest difference. When working with any company, you want to make sure they document all payments and prices agreed upon. You want to make sure the person you are working with is clear on what your willing to pay and what they are willing to provide. If they don’t provide things in writing, you could be be putting yourself at risk.

Choosing Carriers

The carrier is an important aspect when it comes to using a freight broker as they represent diligence and accuracy. Make sure you double check on if the carriers the company uses has insurance and have signed agreements. Check safety records and other documents to make sure your stuff will be in good hands.

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