Are Your Shipments Protected? How to Keep Your Cold-Sensitive Shipments Safe This Winter

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winter trucking

As the winter quickly approaches and the temperatures drop, are your shipments ready for the cold weather? If your shipments are cold-sensitive, taking the right precautions for transportation is essential during the winter’s frigid temperatures.

What types of cargo needs to be protected?  

It’s important for any cargo that can become damaged in cold weather to be protected while in transport. Freeze-protection precautions should be taken for shipments that contain chemicals, paints, alcohol, perishable food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

How can you protect your cargo this winter?  

The best way to ensure the safety of your shipments is to enlist an LTL carrier that utilizes protect-from-freeze services. Carriers that offer protect-from-freeze use different tactics varying from specialized heated trailers, heated storage areas, or blankets to keep shipments warm.

Our fleet and freight brokerage division, Spinning Wheels Express, uses registered trailers that are insulated and can be heated to 90℉. Our trailers guarantee freight will not freeze.

What can protect-from-freeze do?

Protect-from-freeze protects cargo from outside conditions, as well as prevents it from coming into contact with moisture. By monitoring weather forecasts, using specialized handling procedures and keeping freight moving quickly throughout the network, protect-from freeze retains the overall quality of your shipment.

How to get started

Ensure the safety and quality of your goods upon delivery by using Spinning Wheels Express for your shipping needs. Just select “Freeze Protection” when booking your shipment.  With freeze protection from Spinning Wheels Express, you can rest assured that your shipment will be delivered with the same quality it started in, even during harsh winter weather.