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Left to right: Neil MacIsaac, Director of Operations Adcco Incorporated d/b/a Spinning Wheels Express, Robert Bendetson, President of Cabot House Furniture and RRAB Limited, Guy Chretien, Director of Finance, Adcco Incorporated d/b/a Spinning Wheels Express, Austin Bendetson, General Manager of Real Estate, Cabot House Furniture and RRAB Limited Partnership.

Due to demand for our warehouse and distribution services, we are pleased to announce that Adcco Incorporated (d/b/a Spinning Wheels Express) has just signed a 10-year lease for new warehouse space.

Located at 10 Industrial Way in Amesbury, MA, the 34,000 square foot warehouse is twice as large as our current space in North Andover. It is conveniently located near the junction of Routes 95 and 495. The expansion enables us to better serve our customers and meet their growing needs for both short-term and long-term inventory storage.

The new location is 10 Industrial Way in Amesbury, MA.

Adcco was fortunate to have partnered with real estate broker Bruce Lee of Lee Partners of New England in our warehouse search and negotiations. Bruce was instrumental to our success. “Bruce worked tirelessly for over a year researching and visiting potential sites for the relocation,” says Adcco’s Director of Finance, Guy Chretien. “He went above and beyond the call of duty time after time to insure that Spinning Wheels Express would have an operational facility that would meet their needs. He represented Spinning Wheels Express on prior lease contracts and his professional expertise and efforts on this search were invaluable.”

Bruce was equally grateful and shared his insights on the process, explaining “this was a very challenging assignment as the key component was identifying a site with enough parking for thirty-five 53-foot trailers on-site. Adcco was fully engaged throughout the search and negotiation process, and that made a huge difference in completing the assignment on-budget and on-time.”

For any logistical questions regarding our new warehouse, please reach out to our Director of Operations, Neil MacIsaac, at

And for any real estate needs, be sure to connect with Bruce Lee!
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