5 Benefits of Using a Fleet For Your Transportation Needs

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Today, the fleet service industry is rapidly expanding, and it’s even expected to grow from $13.78 billion to $28.66 billion by 2022. Why is the fleet management industry growing so quickly? It’s booming in large part due to the numerous benefits that fleets offer to businesses. Continue reading for five of those perks that your company can take advantage of by using a fleet for your shipping needs.


One of the primary reasons why many companies chose to use a fleet for their shipments is because fleets are a more cost-effective solution than running your own transportation. When managing all of your own shipping, you have to pay for the expenses of the drivers’ salaries and benefits as well as the cost of maintaining all of the trucking equipment. Using a fleet is also a cost-effective solution if your shipment will not fill an entire truckload. By using a fleet that offers less than load (LTL) truckloads, you will save on paying for an entire truck if you don’t need it.


Asset-based fleets specialize in transporting goods efficiently and effectively. They use skilled dispatchers who are able to plan their drivers’ routes in ways that optimize pickups and deliveries to fit their customers’ needs. When using a fleet for your shipping you won’t have to worry about your cargo running late, but instead, it will get from one place to another in a timely manner.

Maintained equipment

Another benefit of working with a reputable fleet is that they have the resources to keep their equipment expertly maintained. Dependable fleets make sure all equipment is kept in great condition and that it is safe for drivers to operate. In addition, they invest in the most advanced technology for their trucks to maximize efficiency and safety. By providing excellent truck safety, drivers are able to experience a higher quality of work and greater job satisfaction.

Higher customer satisfaction

Not only will your business benefit from using a fleet, but your customers will also reap the benefits. Fleets that use advanced technology and logging equipment are able to provide your customers with status updates on where shipments are. Providing this transparency helps keep your customers satisfied and secures them as returning customers.

Risk management

Lastly, outsourcing your shipping to a fleet greatly reduces the risks that your own organization is responsible for. As mentioned above, fleets keep strict guidelines in place for vehicle maintenance and driver safety. By taking these precautions seriously, fleets lower the overall risk associated with your transportation. If cargo is lost or if a trucking accident occurs, using a fleet will limit how much your business is liable for.

Spinning Wheels Express is a 24 truck fleet that is specialized in transporting volume less than load (LTL)  truckloads throughout the 48 contiguous states. We deliver high-quality and on-time deliveries for our customers, which makes choosing a fleet an easy decision.  If you’re ready to get started taking advantage of a fleet, contact us or request a free quote.