4 Reasons Why You Should Use a Third-Party Logistics Firm in 2019


What’s something that many Fortune 500 companies have in common? 90% of them use the help of a third-party logistics firm (3PL). Third-party logistics firms, like Adcco, provide specialized knowledge for transportation services to help businesses optimize their operations. If you are not currently using a 3PL for your transportation needs, now is the time to make the switch. Continue reading for four reasons why you should use a 3PL in 2019.

Industry Expertise

Third-party logistics firms offer expertise that is unmatched by others.  We provide clients with recommendations and offer specialized knowledge that comes only with years of experience. In addition, industry regulations and transportation laws are always changing, and a 3PL keeps up with those changes so you don’t have to. This industry experience saves you time from worrying about your business’s daily operational problems and offers you more time to focus on your core business.

Shared Costs

One of the many benefits of utilizing a 3PL is sharing costs with multiple customers. Instead of paying for an entire warehouse or truckload and only using a fraction of it, by using a 3PL you can share space with others and only pay for what you use. Sharing space with others saves money and also offers the benefit of scalability. During season increases or decreases in your inventory demand, you can easily alter how much space you use.

A stronger shipping network

Another benefit is that 3PLs have access to a large network of the best shipping providers. 3PLs ensure that the carriers are qualified and reliable so you will always be able to trust them when your cargo is in their hands. With a network of thousands of carriers, 3PLs are able to provide many reliable options in case a problem arises.

Because 3PLs work with multiple customers, we are also able to negotiate the best rate with carriers by leveraging all of their customer’s cargo volume and frequency. This results in lower shipping rates compared to negotiating with a carrier on your own. By taking advantage of this resource, you have access to the highest quality of carriers but at a better rate.

Helps your business grow

Using a 3PL can also help you expand to other parts of the country where you are not currently able to reach. With the network from a 3PL, you can have a physical presence in areas you were unable to before. Instead of investing in equipment, storage space, or employees in other locations, you can utilize a 3PLs network to help your business grow.

Adcco has decades of experience in the transportation and logistics industry and today offers a wide range of services to help clients with all of their distribution needs. Read more about what makes Adcco the right choice for your shipping needs, and contact us to get started working with our team.