Freight Bill Auditing & Payment

Gain Financial Control of your Operations

Do you know how accurate your freight bills and payments are? Our freight bill auditing and payment services enable you to gain insight and control of your finances so you can minimize transportation costs, increase accuracy and improve efficiencies.

We conduct a thorough audit of your company’s transportation invoices each week to ensure accurate and timely billing. Our reports are designed to meet your specific information needs and are presented in a format that can be easily used by your accounting department. We can perform audits based on specific rates, or actual tariffs/contracts that you may have with your carriers.

Adcco implements several best practices to prevent duplicate invoice payment, including capturing unique fields in a custom database (such as bill of lading numbers, purchase order numbers, sales order numbers, and carrier freight bill pro numbers), and matching freight invoices to specific customer information (copies of bills of lading, delivery receipts, or electronic files).

Visibility into Valuable Data to Improve Operations

We help you leverage valuable transportation information by tracking the metrics that are most important to your business. For example, through insights into cost per case/pound/shipment, freight costs as percentage of sales and carrier discount levels, you can gain key insights that will help you effectively manage costs and profitability. By monitoring shipping costs, trends, and rates of change, we can help you determine your freight costs as a percentage of sales and forecast your future transportation budget. All of this information will not only help you make informed transportation decisions, but it’s also valuable for other departments, such as traffic, sales, and accounting.

By helping identify opportunities for cost control through historical and predictive pattern analysis, we have helped hundreds of companies save significant sums and gain tremendous efficiencies.