Fleet Services

Our Fleet Delivers Outstanding Service, Quality, On-Time Performance

Adcco Incorporated operates a fleet of 24 trucks under its Spinning Wheels Express division. Our fully licensed trucking company has contract and common carrier operating authorities and specializes in transporting volume less than load (LTL) and truckloads throughout the 48 contiguous states. We specialize in providing exceptional service, and high-quality on-time delivery.

Our Fleet Services

Our fleet is a volume LTL and truckload carrier. We are ideally suited for companies that have the following freight needs:

  • Shipping from/to New England to/from Northeast, South, Southwest and Midwest
  • 4 pallets up to full truckloads of odd-shaped freight, high value freight, freight that requires as little handling as possible
  • Load to ride, strapping, blankets, sealed trailers, spotted equipment
  • Team service, expedited, truckload, less than truckload, volume LTL, blanket wrap, refrigerated, protect from freeze, temperature controlled, straps, load bars, logistics posts , hazmat endorsement to transport hazardous materials
  • A facility in North Andover, Mass. where we can supply warehousing, cross docking and shipment consolidation
  • Trailers that have e-track, logistics posts, heated, refrigerated and alarms for high-value shipments
  • On-site dispatching, as needed
  • Collaboration with other local dedicated fleets to handle volume spikes, as needed
  • Cargo insurance is available up to $1 million for shippers. We carry a $2 million auto and $5 million liability policy with a standard $500,000 cargo liability policy.


We’re Part of Your Team

We consider ourselves part of your team and treat your freight with the same care and consideration that we would treat our own. We understand how important quality transportation operations are to your business and the cost pressure to deliver freight on time and in excellent condition.

Exceptional Service, Bar None

  • Our drivers go the extra mile. Our professional drivers have been with us on average for 10 years, which is unheard of in the industry. They are dedicated, trustworthy and hard workers who provide exceptional service to our customers.
  • We offer safety straps, blankets, belts and more to make sure your freight arrives in the best condition.
  • We’re scrupulous about safety and being on time.
  • .005 Claim ratio – We only handle your freight once, so it minimizes any potential issues
  • 98% on-time delivery. We use optimal routing software such as PC*Miler® and TruckStops.® We go above and beyond to provide service. Do you need dispatching services to schedule appointments for carriers ? No problem. We’re happy to do that for you at no additional cost . We believe that having happy customers who are well-cared for is not only good business, it’s the right thing to do.
  • We’re always available – we offer 24 hour service so you can reach us anytime.
  • We’ll keep you posted. We have GPS on all of our trucks so we always know where they are.
  • We make sure you are aware of the status of your freight and provide weekly management reports that track fleet performance.

Benefits of Using our Fleet

  • We only handle your freight once, unlike many other carriers that load and unload freight multiple times. This helps ensure that your freight arrives in the best possible condition.
  • On-time track record. We understand the importance of on-time delivery and the financial impact of any delays. With a 98% on-time delivery record, we make it our business to get your shipments on time.
  • Safety records – We have low CSA 2011 scores. We adhere to all regulations. Our loyal drivers have impeccable safety records and comply with all laws.
  • We invest in our equipment and our people. You’ll benefit from the latest, high-quality equipment and professional, dedicated drivers.
  • We work closely with you to identify cost savings and ways to move your freight as efficiently, seamlessly and cost effectively as possible.
  • Always available – Contact us anytime. We’re always available to be of service.


With Spinning Wheels Express Fleet, you can rest assured that your freight will arrive on time and in excellent condition, so you can focus on your core business.

Contact Adcco’s Spinning Wheels Express Fleet Division today toll free at (800) 889-4675.