Transportation & Logistics Consulting

We Negotiate Strongly to Get you the Best Rates

Through our intense research and negotiations, we help ensure that you receive the most competitive pricing based on your shipping volumes and service needs. Adcco is very experienced in generating carrier bid packages for all forms of transportation: less-than-truckload, truckload, small package, intermodal or airfreight bids. Carriers are selected to meet your service area and transit time requirements. We process carrier bids, rate them against a sample of your shipment data, and report results in an easy-to-understand format. We make you aware of differences in carrier costs, service levels, and transit times, so you can make the best, informed decisions for your company.

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Broad-Based Services to Meet Your Needs. We offer a wide range of services, including:

  • Analysis of transportation methods and modes, carrier selection and transportation optimization.
  • Rate analysis for all types of carriers and modes of transportation
  • Routing guides for each mode of transportation and shipping location
  • Private fleet analysis, including performance, ROI, balance-volume analysis, pre-trip costs analysis
  • Warehouse and distribution studies
  • Local consolidation or distribution carrier selection
  • Traffic department studies, including cost forecasting and budgeting, manpower evaluation and labor planning

You Own the Relationship and Gain the Benefits

  • In today’s competitive environment, it’s important to be sure that you are getting the best value from your carrier relationships. The Adcco team conducts rigorous annual Request for Proposals (RFPs) on your behalf, working closely with you to determine top priorities and after a comprehensive and independent analysis, we rate the carrier choices so that our client can select the most appropriate carriers to meet you’re their needs. Based on our years of experience – and knowledge from operating our own fleet – we know how to prepare detailed bid packages to get you the best rates and value.
  • Our payment structure is very transparent. Unlike most other transportation and logistics companies, we do not receive any commission from carriers – our only payment comes from our customers. We believe this is an important business practice because it removes any potential conflict of interest and ensures that carriers are selected solely based on your company’s best interest. Additionally, at Adcco, the carrier contracts, tariffs and pricing agreements are in our customers’ names, so unlike common industry practices, customers are not bound to use specific companies or prevented from working with others.
  • The Benefits you Gain: Our years of expertise and first-hand experience provides insight into the costs of operating fleets of trucks and moving freight We know how to prepare detailed bids to get you the best rates and value We have strong, long-term relationships with all of the carriers

Transparent Compensation - We take a very different approach to compensation from most others in the industry. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • All of our fees are transparent and we work with you to determine a mutually agreed upon method of payment
  • Since we don’t take any commissions from carriers, there is no conflict of interest and all recommendations are solely based on your needs
  • We provide several compensation options for our customers, including payment based on a percentage of the savings that you gain; flat-rate payments; or fees for fleet and truckload services. The most popular option is to determine payment based on dollars saved, since it comes from new-found funds and doesn’t impact current budgets. Another popular payment option is flat rates for one-time studies and rates per bill for freight bill auditing and payment support.

Giving You the Greatest Value from Your Transportation Operations

  • We understand the pressures you are facing to gain efficiencies, reduce costs and ensure that your freight arrives on time and in excellent condition. We realize how critical it is for your business to optimize transportation operations and get the best value from your carriers – and that’s where Adcco comes in – we can help you achieve all of these goals. With more than 35 years of experience in the transportation & logistics industry, real-world knowledge from operating our own fleet and a unique approach to servicing our customers as if your business were our own, Adcco has become a highly regarded consulting partner in the industry, with many long-term customer relationships. We are industry experts, bringing our relationships with carriers and our knowledge of the most current and constantly changing regulations, so you can focus on your core business. Adcco provides the help you need, by serving as your outsourced transportation partner or as an extension of your busy in-house transportation department.
  • We Work for You, Not the Carriers We are laser focused on helping you achieve your goals, but you are in control of all decisions based on the information, insights and options that we provide. We take our commitment to our customers so seriously that, unlike others in the industry, we don’t take any commission or payment from carriers. In this way you can be assured that there is no incentive or bias to choose one carrier over another, and that our sole criteria is evaluating what would work best for your company.
  • Addressing Your Needs We start by listening to your specific goals. We carefully review your current transportation programs and analyze key data to gain a complete picture of your needs. With this critical visibility across your operations and our knowledge of the industry, we provide an objective assessment of your current strengths, identify opportunities for improvement, and offer a variety of options and recommendations so you can achieve the most optimal balance of cost/service to meet your needs.